103. Aaron Clarey

#PODCAST **Warning** Explicit Content not suitable for Children

The conversation today is with #Author, #Economist, and Media personality Aaron Clarey. His channel can be found here  

His consulting website Asshole Consulting 

The discussion wanders from economics, the effect of the METOO movement on dating, and how consulting became a business for Aaron. We had a blast and hope you do too. Comment below, and if you prefer this as a podcast we post on itunes.

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42. FemiNazism

#Feminism is something #republicans should fight against and win the votes of men across the country. Women should have equal rights but its okay be be a man. The Patriarchy is half the population. What do you think? If republicans did that would they lose elections? Trump showed that being a bit of a chauvinist doesn’t matter.

Nothing Exempt: