A Little Background

Nicholas Pardini and Brian Peotter are friends from highschool, which is becoming quite a while now. Always having ideological discussions and trying things out we decide to record them and publish them to see what happened. The goal is to develop a community of like minded critical thinkers who want to hear interesting things and that means ideas, not gossip. We don’t care what trump or Kim K. are doing in the same room together and neither should you.

Nicholas Pardini is the portfolio manager and founder of Davos Investment Group, which operates a macro hedge fund and specialty research platform. He manages portfolios and advises institutional clients including major hedge funds, wealth managers, and investment banks on markets and macroeconomic trends. He also publishes a weekly newsletter titled The Cause and Effect Report that shares highlights of his research to the broader investment community.

Brian Peotter has a degree in Aerospace engineering and is a program manager at an aerospace manufacturer which specializes in 3D Metal Printing machining and casting. Besides helping to build rockets he reads constantly and has a very wide range of knowledge because of it. As a father of two and a husband there is very little time to invest but the time he does have is invested in this podcast and researching topics and guests.

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